Capacity Building

Enterprise Development;

The MSME Division facilitates skills training through training packages such as the following;

  • Generate Your Business Plan;
  • Start your Business;
  • Improve Your Business;
  • Expand Your Business;
  • Pre-retirement Counseling and
  • Entrepreneurship Skills.
  • Offering  virtual incubation services

Market Access

MSMEs access to market opportunities;

Business Linkages Programme - The programme involves Fostering business linkages between large corporations and local MSMEs which stimulate commercial solutions for both parties. The business linkages intervention strategy is premised on the rationale that such linkages can provide commercial market/demand led business solutions for both large companies and MSMEs.  Business linkages seek to identify real market opportunities within the value chains of large corporations for local enterprises on one hand and to help lower procurement and distribution costs for large corporations on the other hand.

MSMEs access to Business Development Services - Various Business development services are provided by the MSEME Division some of which include

  • Market services ( fairs, trade show, exhibitions)
  • Business counseling
  • Entrepreneurship and Technical skills training 
  • Incubation services
  • MSE registration for incentives

MSMEs access to appropriate business finance;

  • Mentoring /coaching in business plans
  • Recommendation to financial institutions

Access to appropriate operating premises and business infrastructure.

  • Industrial Parks