Investor to Generate Energy Out of Waste

A company of European origin Genniz Engineering, Surveying and Environmental Consultant Services Limited (GESECSL) is in the country and wishes to invest about USD 1.8 billion in treating waste in a process called gasification to produce energy.

Victor Osuofia a Director at GESECSL reveals that the company has already done its feasibility studies to ascertain the amount of waste it needs in order to produce energy.

The project will start in Lusaka then expand to the Copperbelt and Livingstone where there is reasonable waste.

“GESECSL has had meetings with several stakeholders and we want to work with the Lusaka City Council and Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company as the main partners in what is called an Integrated Waste Management System to produce energy and other related products such as fertilizer,” narrated Osuofia.

He notes that their technology is very environmentally friendly as the end product of the process is ash which is also multipurpose as it can be used in road construction as well as building houses.

Mr. Osuofia discloses that the technology has been tested and proven in Europe, China and the United States of America, however Zambia will be the first country in Africa to use the technology.

“We chose Zambia and Lusaka in particular because of the peace that has prevailed in the country since independence and also the stability of the economy compared to other African countries,” he noted.

Mr. Osuofia adds that in the pre-construction phase, the company will create about 4000 jobs and over 300 permanent jobs when the company is fully operational.