Zambia International Trade Fair

The Zambia international Trade Fair (ZITF) takes place annually from end of June to beginning of July, in Ndola. The ZITF is a commercial show which attracts exhibitors of wide ranging products from all over the world.

Zambia Agricultural and Commercial Show

The Zambia Agricultural and Commercial Show (ZACS) is an international exhibition of agricultural produce and equipment and manufactured goods. It is an annual event held in Lusaka at the beginning of August. Like the ZITF, ZACS attracts large numbers of local and foreign exhibitors.

The Kitwe mining and agricultural show

This show takes place in May and showcases mining and agricultural equipment to potential local, regional and international buyers





Sector/Product Range & Activities

April 21-25

Zambia International Investment Forum

Multi sectoral products


May 23-27

African Development Bank Annual Meeting

Multi sectoral products

May 26-31

Kitwe Mining and Agricultural Show

Mining and food products

June 29-July 5,

Zambia International Trade Fair

Multi sectoral products

Aug 4- 8

Zambia Agricultural and Commercial Show

Multi sectoral products









April 23-26

13th Asian Apicultural Association Conference, Saudi Arabia


April 26 – 30

Zimbabwe International Fair - Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

Agricultural development, machinery & supplies for infrastructural development, value addition equipment in Mining, Manufacturing and Tourism Sectors, ICT, Education Sector and Energy

May 5-7

SIAL Food Exhibition , Shanghai

Food products


Malawi International Trade Fair

Multi sectoral products


June 19-21

Africa Big Seven, South Africa

Food and Beverages

July 28-August 8

Dar es Salaam International Trade Fair

Multi sectoral products

August 29-September 4

Maputo International Trade Fair (FACIM) Maputo, Mozambique

Manufactured products, commercial crafts, tourism products.

September 15-18

Sabah International Expo, Malaysia

Multi sectoral products

September 8-11

Xiamen Annual Fair

Multi sectoral products and investment promotion events

November 25-28

Botswana Global Expo, Gaborone

Multi sectoral products

  March 1-7

Hong Kong Jewellery and Gem Fair

Precious and semi precious stones, jewellery, machinery for lapidary and jewellery making.

October 16-20

SIAL Food Exhibition, Paris

Food products


 April, 2016

South Africa Market Study

Honey and vegetables

March , 2016

Zimbabwe Market Research

Maize, soya beans, soap, portland cement, vegetable oil, sugar, bars and rods, flour, yeast, wheat bran and chewing gum.






Congo DR

Agro Processing,

agricultural products

chemicals and pharmaceuticals

wood and wood products

engineering and foundry

industrial and mining chemicals

food processing

building materials

leather and leather products

engineering and foundry



Copper cathodes, bars and rods, sugar, maize, beverages, maize seed, boxes, paper and paper board, biscuits, medicaments and footwear.