Kazungula to Become a Tourist Destination

The Government of the Republic of Zambia has committed itself to creating a business environment that benchmarks Zambia as the best investment destination among dynamic developing economies in the sub region.

Zambia Development Agency (ZDA) is one institution mandated by government to foster Zambia’s economic growth and development by promoting trade and investment in Zambia through an efficient, effective and coordinated private sector led economic strategy.

The ZDA is tasked to promote growth and investment in Zambia and works to create confidence among the business community.

The Agency promotes development by providing effective and comprehensive business facilitation and aftercare services to investors.

It also promotes business development services and market information in order to attract investment and promote Zambian exports efficiently and in a competitive manner.

The Agency supports Greenfield investments through joint ventures and partnerships between local and foreign investors, as well as ensuring speedy approval of all licences by all government agencies.

In this vein, the Agency recently visited an investor, Transfrontier Investment Holdings Limited, located on the banks of the Zambezi River in Kazungula to offer aftercare services and monitor the implementation of the investment project.

The company acquired a Zambia an Investment Certificate from ZDA in 2014 with a pledged investment of 24 million dollars.

Currently the investor has made considerable investment and development on the banks of the Zambezi River.

In addition, the investor hopes to diversify the investment into tourism, agriculture and trading management support services.

At the moment the company has ten permanent employees while short term workers are employed from time to time. However, the company anticipates to create more than fifty jobs by the end of the year.

Their goal is to make Kazungula a tourist and commercial destination as the Kazungula bridge project nears completion.

In the tourism sector, Transfrontier Investment Holdings has already acquired fifteen executive tents of which five are already in the country and the other ten are yet to arrive. The company is working towards creating a camp site which is a first step in venturing into tour operations.

Further, the investor is incorporating a four nations experience where tourists will undertake the “Four Nations Expirence”, visiting four nations in one day using the Zambezi river. The four nations are Zambia, Zimbabwe, Namibia and Botswana.

The key objective of the four nations experience is to open up boarders among the four countries to promote and increase trade opportunities for all four countries.

In farming and ranching, the investor has already identified land in Chief Sekute’s area and the chief has already consented to the project after seeing the benefits it will give to the people of Sekute.

The objective of the investor in farming and ranching is to training local farmers in new farming technics and conservation farming.

They are also in the process of developing fish ponds and building chicken runs. The company will start with four ponds initially and will eventually be extended as the market is established.

The first priority of the investor is the local market, however they are also looking at the huge demand of fish fillet in South Africa and the United Kingdom and bring in the much needed foreign exchange in addition to job creation.

Transfrontier Investment Holdings Limited has partnered with a local entrepreneur with land in the fish pond project.

Finally in retail trading and operations, the company has already established retail operations and a bakery offering fresh foods and pastry products. The company is also in the process of expanding into a fully-fledged supermarket to offer a wider product range and choice to the customers.

The company has a more projects lined up as Zambia offers them a conducive investment climate.

The Zambia development Agency is working with the investor by facilitating secondary licences such as land and investor permits among others.

Overall the project is exciting and will increase the economic activities in the border town and offer employment opportunities for the local people.