MSME business activities are largely in training, simple manufacturing, and service provision.  Manufactured products in the MSME sector include textile products, wood products, light engineering and metal fabrication, food processing, leather products, leather products, handicrafts and ceramic.  The service sector include restaurants, hair salons and barbershops, passenger and goods transport and cleaning services.  The trading sector is concentrated in consumable products, industrial products, and agricultural inputs and produce.

Opportunities for SMEs

The current economic situation presents opportunities which if taken advantage of can lead to the establishment of vibrant enterprises. Vast opportunities are available in what have been identified as growth sectors with economic activities such as, agricultural and mining.  The following are the sectors- Manufacturing; Tourism; Construction and Mining.

ZDA programs to support SMEs

The following are the areas on which MSME Development efforts are focused. The focus areas have been categorized into three development pillars namely: Capacity, Access and Operating Environment.

How to Access ZDA Programs

  1. Local Economic Development; involves programmes on the utilization of local resources through value addition.  It encompasses development of n Cluster Development to stimulate local (Rural and peri-urban) resource utilization and value addition. Under this component Guidelines and incentives for business environment development are provided.
  2. Representation of MSMEs interests; This includes the activities that strengthening of MSME business associations and groupings in terms of strengthening vertical and horizontal linkages between MSME representative bodies and also strengthening capacity of these bodies to articulate their needs and coordinate their views.
  3. Cross cutting issues (HIV and AIDS, and Gender).       

Benefits of ZDA Registration

Support Services

  • Provision of training, technical services and business management skills
  • Provision of marketing and support services
  • Access to ZDA industrial and commercial estates
  • Business Development Services

Other incentives

  • Exemption from paying Tax if you are operating in a Multi Facility Economic Zone (MFEZ), Industrial Park and in a rural area.
  • Exemption from paying customs duty for rural based

ZDA Registration requirements

Application Process

  • A non refundable processing fee of K20
  • Registration fee:
  • Small enterprise – K300
  • Micro enterprise – K200
  • Copy of Company Registration
  • A copy of Passport of NRC  of the owners of the company
  • Business Plan
  • Tax Clearance Certificate